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Young Girl lost her family because of Food Poisoning | Avoid this Deadly Mistake

A young Girl in Russia lost her entire family and become an orphan within a minute because of unawareness of Food Poisoning. This simple kitchen mistake can be very crucial and deadly if you lack knowledge on proper food handling and food awareness.  Food Poisoning can kill and is a serious matter that needs proper guidance by many. To avoid such tragic events you need to be properly educated  regarding this simple matters.

In Russia, a family was killed within a day because of a simple mistake in the kitchen caused by unawareness of food poisoning. An 8-year-old Russian girl left orphaned when she lost her family in a click. She left living alone because of a contaminated potatoes stored in the basement for upcoming winter. A crucial mistake made by the family that leads to a very tragic event because of unawareness of the family about improper storage and improper preserving of their stock potatoes.

Potatoes contained a very toxic and deadly  chemical compound called glycoalkaloids that also found mostly in some poisonous plants. If improperly stored for a long time in a hot conditioned areas potatoes produces a very deadly poisonous fumes that can be considered as a food poisoning substance.

An Orphan Girl Lost her Entire Family  Because of a Kitchen mistake that causes Food Poisoning

Young Girl lost her family because of Food Poisoning Avoid this Deadly Mistake

Maria Chelysheva found the dead bodies of her Mother, Father, Brother and Grandmother in the basement where the potatoes stored.

Mikahil Chelysheva 42, her father, a Head of the family and Law Professor was the first who died after he went into the basement to get some potatoes for their lunch but as expected he breathes the toxic fume substance from potatoes that cause his death. After a while, Anastasia 38 his wife followed his husband into the basement to find him but as expected she also breathes the toxic substance from the potatoes, next to him,suffered the same incident with her husband.

Maria’s elder brother Georgy 18, was the third who experienced the killing incident.And Iradia 68 grandmother of Maria in a hurry to look for help to rescue the victims. However while waiting for the neighbors to arrive her grandmother also went to the basement and as expected she also accidentally inhaled the poisonous gas produced by the potatoes and died afterward before the neighboring rescue could arrive.

Rotten Potatoes that causes Food Poisoning, Brings Death to a family

an orphan girl lost her- ntire family because of a kitchen mistake that causes food poisoning

Luckily for Maria Chelysheva the only survivor in the family, she almost suffered the same faith with her family when she began trying to find her missing family members but lucky for her the deadly fume from the rotten potatoes had been dissipated because her mother left the basement door open when she entered the basement. This killing is caused by unawareness of food poisoning.

The poor girl has seen her family members dead bodies and brought to an orphanage after the said incident. The tragic incident happened at laishevo, a.town near Kazan in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan on the Voiga river.

Based on the initial Investigation and findings of the police the caused of Maria Chelysheva’s family death was the poisonous gas from contaminated rotten potatoes stored in their basement.

This tragic event of Maria and her family may serve as a fair warning for us about the danger of rotten potatoes could bring. If you have some bunch of potatoes stored in your homes check on it now before its too late.

Don’t let Food Poisoning get you be aware always.


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