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syrian rebels use kids party balloons as anti aircraft to fight russian jets

Syrian Rebels use Kid’s Party Balloons as Anti-aircraft to fight Russian Jets

Syrian Rebels ingenuity has been renowned for their sophisticated improvised weapons by their foreign backers around the world and now they manage to create a low tech anti-aircraft using Kid’s Party Balloons filled with hydrogen packed with small bombs/explosives trying to take down Russian warplanes.

As Many People know from around the World Syria has been suffering from several Russian Attacks that causes massive destruction to some parts of Syria. One of their big threats is from Russian’s Air Attacks that brought nightmares to many Syrian communities. Because of this alarming situation, Many Syrian reformists has been creating several types of sophisticated crafted weapons to defend their selves from upcoming Russin attacks.

Syrian Rebels use Hydrogen Party Balloon Bombs as Anti-aircraft to take down Russian Air Jets

syrian rebels use kids party balloons as anti aircraft to fight russian jets

Syrian Rebels use Children’s Party Balloons as Anti-aircraft to fight Russian Warplanes

Upon the statement on Bassam Haji on a newspaper, Haji is a trusted spokesman for the Syrian Revolutionary group Nour al-Din al-Zinki said that Syrian Revels created the Hydrogen balloon bomb themselves and attached to each balloon are improvised Triggering mechanism that has a size of a pen.

As of now Syrian Rebels in Aleppo, Children Party Balloon bombs are the latest improvised anti-aircraft weapon in their long string in crafting sophisticated weaponry that brings big impact to some Russian Air Fighters.

Party Balloons filled with hydrogen is highly explosive itself when exposed to heat then pairing it with triggering mechanism through small explosives attached to each balloon will manage to burst flames that can possibly take down Russian jets / warplanes.

This Syrian Rebels in Aleppo improvised anti-aircraft weapon is pretty much basic but this may consider as one of their chance in defending their selves against Russian air attacks and Regime Planes that are Bombing Syria.

Mr. Bassam Haji estimated that Syrian Revels have deployed 8,000 anti-aircraft balloons so far but their statistic shows that only one warplane from Russia claimed a successful Hit, The said Russian Jet inhaled the anti-aircraft Hydrogen Balloon Bomb into its turbine that forces the Russian jet Fighter to take an emergency landing.

Mr. Bassam Haji also claimed that targeting a fast-moving Russian airplane and Regime warplanes are much impossible to take a successful hit, So Syrian Revels will only be deploying hundreds of this anti-aircraft Hydrogen Balloon Bombs when there is a Russian aircraft above them hoping a less percentage for a successful hit.

For a long run Mr. Bassam Haji plea to US military force and some Arab Countries hoping that they can provide them hand-held anti-aircraft missiles called MANPADS for a better counter to Russian warplanes, but US military force only provided them with light arms anti-aircraft weapons and some anti-tank missiles for their defense against Russian attacks.

US force refuses to provide MANPADS for the reasons that it may fall into the hands of al-Qaeda that can be used against Civilian Aircraft.

Syrian Children and Some Syrian Citizens Preparing Dummy Helium Party Balloons to confuse Russian Aircraft Fighters

syrian revels from aleppo releasing childrens party balloons into the skies to confuse the russian weapons main

Syrian Children and Citizens helped in Deploying Dummy Balloons to confuse Russian Jet Fighters

It also been reported and filmed and now becoming Viral on the internet today that Children’s from Syria are also involved in preparing  dummy Balloons filled with helium and attaching metallic parts to confuse warplane fighters from Russia.

Many Syrian Citizens and Syrian Reformist also help in deploying hundreds of Dummy Balloons to threaten and confuse Russian Jet fighters that may try to drop bombs.

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