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remove bad breath in minute know the real cause of halitosis

Remove Bad Breath in minute | Know the real cause of Halitosis

Know the best, proven and effective way to Remove Bad Breath or commonly called “Stinking Halitosis” by Doctors. Be knowledgeable enough to know what causes it to stink, so that it will be treated properly to avoid and remove that foul stinking smell.

Bad Breath (Fetor Oris or Halitosis) symptoms that your breath produces stinking and unpleasant odor which can cause to degrade the confidence level of an individual because of excessive embarrassment.

Are you one of those Person who has lost their confidence and still in hiding because of embarrassment caused by this Stinking bad Breath? You’ve already tried several ways and remedies trying to remove the foul smell coming from your mouth but unfortunately, all of them failed.

remove bad breath

Let us review some different factors known by many that may affect the smell of your Breath. And if you’ve tried already all the remedies listed within the list don’t lose hope just now.

Factors that may cause Bad Breath try Avoiding them to Remove Bad Breath

Improper Practice on Oral Hygiene

This factor is most commonly known to cause Halitosis or we should say Bad Breath in which Bacteria will build up in different parts of your Teeth, and also through your gums and tongue that will cause your breath to produce unpleasant smell coming from those bacteria build up.

Best Remedies for this is by Brushing your teeth regularly to remove those unwanted substances that are stuck / trapped between teeth, also include your tongue because some bacteria also build up on those rough surface on your tongue.

Don’t forget also to consider Regular Dental Checkups so that a dental specialist can give you advice and to ensure fixing your oral hygiene problem.

The food we Consumed and Beverages

Another Factor that may affect the smell of your breath, but in this case, the stinking smell is just temporary. Just avoid eating strongly flavored foods like Onions, Garlic and different types of strong spices. For Beverages, avoid drinking alcohols and coffee that may temporary cause Bad Breath.


A serious cause of Bad Breath (Halitosis). If you want to remove bad breath I strongly advise quitting smoking right now. Obviously, the Smoking of cigars can be a big factor in causing Bad Breath, Smoking may cause a permanent stain to your teeth and also may cause permanent stinking smell in your mouth.


Also, Dieting can lead to Bad Breath, the burned fats from your body in which you achieve through dieting will produce a toxic chemical called Ketones that really stinks, a little bit foul in odor and can be smelled as you breathe through your mouth.

Medicines you take

Here are some Medicines that can cause Bad breath, You can try to avoid them if your GA can recommend alternatives.

Medical Condition

Another key factor of having bad breath is through a certain medical condition. Such as Lack of Saliva in which a faster buildup of bacteria inside your mouth. Dry Mouth can be caused by Salivary Gland Problems or an irregular breathing problem such as breathing in your mouth that will tend to gather more unwanted bacteria from the air you breathe.In rare cases of Gastrointestinal problems can also cause bad breath through the infections inside the intestines that may tend to produce odor smell in which the gas can only exit the body through your mouth. This rare case of Gastrointestinal condition can only be treated through endoscopy.

Some medical conditions that can cause bad breath include nose infection, diabetes, lung and throat problems.

This is just the Common ways how Bad Breath or Halitosis are Produced, Just Avoid these things to Remove Bad Breath.

In Some Cases Even though you have tried the Following Remedies Mentioned above, You can still feel the presence of your Bad Breath. Well, Don’t worry so fast here is another uncommon way on how to remove your bad breath in just a minute.

What Really Causes Bad Breath?

Have you heard about Tonsil Stones ? Well, this little piece of crap  that actually in a form of lump of mucus found in your Tonsils is the reason why Twenty-Five Percent of the population in the world have Bad Breaths. This Stones produces a toxic gas more likely like SULPHUR and it stinks really awful. If you have guts you can just try to remove them at the back part of your throat, in some cases, they just simply fall off unattended.

remove bad breath tonsil stones


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