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life in prison

Life in Prison | Know the horrifying truth behind Bars

The Real truth Behind Bars, Life in Prison that will surely Horrify you

Life in Prison is a bit hard and cruel for many, prisoners are detained to a prison compound for a certain amount of days or maybe for their entire life. Many of us consider Prison compounds as Hell already because all the individuals who are involved in every crime that you can imagine are detained in one place. Life in Prison is more likely living in a place where there is crime everywhere, violence anytime, unexpected Riots, prisoners or even guards may risk their lives every day.

Prison Compounds are build to punish criminals, some have given a chance to rebuild their personalities for good as they stay inside the compound. So expect that there is still good being’s inside Prison cells.
But have you ever wondered, What really could happen if you are actually inside those bars. Many are expecting that scene’s and versions from prison movies might actually happen in Prison Compounds.

Here I will be Mentioning Serious Things that you didn’t expect or didn’t Want to know about Life in Prison.

Base from a real life experience of a prison guard in two different states in America, Named Ceric Coleman who spent 7 long years observing a and detaining criminals inside Prison Bars.

1.Badass Guards Don’t Exist

Life in Prison | Know the horrifying truth behind Bars

Like in many movies some have expected that there will be that one hardass guard who wears badass uniform punishing prisoners, treating them like dirt, calling them unpleasant names and sometimes they torture inmates as seen in many movies as a form of their entertainment. Well, in real life situations inside bars these things don’t exist.

According to Mr. Coleman, they have that kind of Lieutenant who loves calling inmates unpleasant names and acting like a badass boss inside the prison. One day the lieutenant didn’t expect that his act of cruelty towards the inmates will cause his own life. he was ambushed by two inmates and gathered 61 times stabbed at the back, luckily the lieutenant survives the attack.


2.Life in Prison is very much Organize

Groups and gang inside bars are pretty much organized, they train as one to prepare for certain riots, they can learn martial arts inside the compound. The most shocking truth about them is that they learn and observe the daily routines of some Prison guards very well. They can organize a riot of two to four person and observe how prison guards can react in handling them. In this manner, they can observe actions of prison guards towards the said riots, and in this way, they learn and practice their methods to counter our attacks.


3.Any Single Reason can start a Riot

The Real truth Behind Bars, Life in Prison that will surely Horrify you Riot

Any Slightest reason could start a riot inside bars. Inmates are known as hot-tempered persons and pride always matters to them. We have encountered a riot that according to most inmates, the riot ignites over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Because of this, we can say that most inmates are crazy.


4. Ingenuity of Prisoners is no limit

Imagine that if you locked up a prisoner from prison compound that’s the only time they will discover their ingenues talents. Guys with no education backgrounds, zero work experience try to lock them up in a prison compound you will just surprise they can master engineering. Life in Prison is just so unpredictable .

Another is that we gave them PlayStation controller, you will not believe that in just minutes they can turn the Playstation Controller into a quality electronic tattoo gun.


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