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This Lady outsmarts an Abusive Taxi Driver for overpricing TAXI FARE


Are you one of those Person who always thinks for second thoughts before they grab/get any taxi as a way of their transportation?

Maybe many of us have experienced this and some have been traumatized after they got into a taxi and had a bad experience, because of an abusive Taxi Drivers that are now being aggressive today to earn more and much money in the way that passengers are threatened and abused. This may serve as a fair warning to all commuters and netizens to always be aware not only on riding a Taxi but also to any types of transportations.

A Victim of an overpricing Taxi Fare is now being Viral on the internet and now her statements regarding on her experience is now being scattered in some famous social media’s to warned netizens regarding this type of modus operandi of some taxi drivers.

Janine Jennilyn a female passenger and a victim from the Philippines was a shocked base from her experienced after getting into a metered Taxi from Ninoy’s Aquino International Airport terminal three (NAIA Terminal 3) to Cubao,Quezon City Philippines. 

From the Airport a strange taxi driver who seemed, to be honest, based on his gestures and verbal approach to them, he offered Janine Jennilyn a taxi ride and Janine didn’t hesitate to grab the opportunity because she knows that she have talked to an honest taxi cab driver.

When the taxi finally came to pick up them and their luggage she was shocked that the person she spoke earlier is different from the person who was driving the taxi cab and the person she spoke and approached them was loading their things inside the taxi compartment then after that he seated next to the driver seat.

Jennilyn and her companion just remained calm after all these things are happening so fast, they just pretend to feel comfortable even though it’s too obvious that there is something strange about the taxi Driver and his companion.

A Taxi Driver that Imposes Overpricing Taxi Fare Rate through his Passengers

This Lady outsmarts an Abusive Taxi Driver for overpricing TAXI FARE

Picture of the Taxi Driver who imposes Overpricing Taxi Fare

When they have finally arrived at their destination in Cubao, Quezon City Philippines the taxi driver immediately demanded a huge amount of taxi fare of Three Thousand Six Hundred Philippine Pesos and at that time the Driver is now being forceful and cranky and arguments starts to become intense.

Because it happened so fast Janine Jennilyn is now afraid and thinking that the Driver might harm them if they don’t pay such huge amount of taxi fare. The victim just pretended that she don’t have such amount of money on her and she will pay the amount after she withdraws from the nearest ATM machine, the driver does not notice at that time Janine Jennilyn has now a perfect plan to escape from that tragic event, they prompted the taxi driver to park at the nearest ATM machine were a nearby police car were also park.

The Companion of Janine has heard by the Suspect instructing Janine on how she can get the attention of the Policeman nearby. After that, the Driver and his companion immediately unloaded the baggage from the compartment throws everything on the open highway then the two suspect drove as fast as they can to avoid a possible arrest on them.

The sad part on this is that the police officer nearby saw the incident but did not take any action regarding the incident. Miss Janine Jennilyn on her side is planning to report the incident to a proper authority on the government to take a possible arrest of the said suspects.

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