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hillary clinton takes the mannequin challenge together with jon bon jobi

Hillary Clinton takes the Mannequin Challenge together with Jon Bon Jovi

As for the preparation for the upcoming United State of America’s Presidential Election, this November 8,2016 Tuesday Ms. Hillary Clinton running for Presidential Position and her campaign team together with one of the famous rock icons Jon Bon Jovi takes the Mannequin Challenge for the first and last time. The said Mannequin challenge takes place on the Democrat’s Campaign jet of Clinton with the theme “Don’t Stand Still. Vote Today

Hillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi Mannequin Challenge

hillary clinton takes the mannequin challenge together with jon bon jobi

Hillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge have become so viral now and trending in all social media today. It is first introduced and popularized by College Students from Different States Universities in America we’re a group of Students Pauses like Mannequin Figures for a certain Time and a rolling Video Camera wonders around the place to record the amazing scene created by those Students who participated the Mannequin Challenge.

It is more likely creating a Picture of a Scenic event, This Challenge takes place more often at School Gyms, Canteens, Inside the class, Training fields and the more creative it takes the more the Video becomes so interesting and Viral.

No Wonder that this Mannequin Challenge has been so Popular and becoming so viral in America and this leads to Ms. Hillary Clinton running for US presidential position and his campaign team takes the challenge to one’s again woo’s all her Supporters and Voters, together with them is the famous rock star Jon Bon Jovi who also participated the said Challenge.

We also spotted in the footage Hillary Clinton’s Husband and Ex . US president Bill Clinton who happily takes the challenge.

The said mannequin challenge footage of Hillary Clinton and her campaign team is now being shared on Clinton’s Twitter Page Tuesday together with the Caption “Don’t Stand Still. Vote Today“.

hillary clinton takes the mannequin challenge together with jon bon jobi tweet

Hillary Clinton’s Tweet on the Mannequin Challenge with the caption: “Don’t stand still. Vote today”

Hillary Clinton’s last minute Campaign Video on her private campaign airplane where the Mannequin Challenge is nearly perfectly done but not quite as perfect as expected. One of her frontrunner Campaign team just caught blinking at the end of the footage before the challenge is merely up and finished.

Many Famous Faces have also been submitting their mannequin challenge footage including Adele, James Corden, and Beyonce who created their own version of the said Challenge.

Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi campaigning for Hillary Clinton at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, North Carolina have also submitted their own Version of the Mannequin challenge.

By just a short period of time, Mannequin Challenge trend went viral and it is now globally recognized by many. A twitter representative just emphasizes that by just a couple of week the hashtag for the mannequin challenge (#mannequinchallenge) has garnered 2.3million tweets globally and still keeps growing up to now.

The original and first footage of the Mannequin Challenge shows a group of teens pauses from the different areas of the school campus, after practice in locker rooms, portraying common events in hallways, on the steps while taking selfies, while on the football practice, acting like frozen mannequin while watching Fistfights, and even on the men’s restroom while on a Wrecking Havoc.


Original footage of Hillary Clinton and her Campaign team together with  jon Bon Jovi taking the Manniquin Challenge

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