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Egg Nutrition Bomb, 6 reasons why should we don’t underestimate Eggs

Is Egg Nutrition Really good for you?

Many critics have been debating over the centuries whether eggs can give good or bad factors on your health “IS EGGS GOOD FOR YOU or IT WILL JUST RUIN EVERYTHING ? “. Are you one of them that still confused about this little spherical shape like thing called “EGGS“? Well Don’t be confused, Eggs are still one of the most nutritious food on the planet, Don’t be those people that can be easily distracted and believe to hear says , bad reviews or false reviews about this little nutrition bombs.

Eggs Nutrition can be categorized as a Nutritional food source that referred by many as “Natures Multivitamin“, They are so much unique in different vitamin components for antioxidants and a powerful buster for brain nutrients.

Here are the top SIX REASONS WHY EGG NUTRITION is the most Nutritious and Healthiest food on the Planet since life is created.


1. Whole Eggs belongs to the top healthiest food on the Planet

Egg Nutrition

Science shows that if you eat just one WHOLE EGG it can give you an amazing range of nutrients. As fact shows Whole eggs are loaded with different types of quality vitamins such as calcium,iron,potassium,zinc,manganese,VitaminE, Folate,Protein and much more , one whole egg can give a boost of six Grams of proteins, Proteins from eggs are good fats that can boost muscle growth.

It is good to know that most of the important nutrients from eggs are contained in the yolk, white from the egg only contains proteins

2.EGG NUTRITION can improve Cholesterol Profile and doesn’t affect the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

This is where people got confused about the good benefits of Eggs, many hearsays, and other false reviews saying that Eggs can be a cause of high profile cholesterol that will lead to Cardiovascular disease because one large egg has a 212mg of cholesterol, well don’t believe them there are many studies saying that Eggs can IMPROVE your cholesterol profile.

Eggs can raise your HDL (The GOOD) cholesterol that tends to change the LDL (the BAD) cholesterol to a more improve large subtype that can lower the risk of having heart Disease.

3. EGGS produces  a nutrient needed by the Brain.

If you want your brain to be healthy, include Eggs in your arsenal for your daily food intake, Eggs are rich in Choline a nutrient included in B-complex Vitamins that very essential to human health.

Low intake of Choline can be a cause of different severe diseases such as Liver complications, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorder.

Many Scientists have proven that choline can be a good benefit to pregnant women, Their research shows that low intake of choline can effect to neural tube defect which can lead to lowering of cognitive function in the offspring.

4. A good Source of High-Quality Proteins.

Proteins are the most popular vitamins to many people because of its great benefits to the body, it serves as the main building blocks of the entire body system and helps in serving both structural and functional purposes, Proteins are much essential and popular to those who are going to gyms to build lean muscles because Protein is consist of amino acids that helps in building lean muscles.

5. It also helps Protect your EYES

Do you want a clear vision around you? Well, Protect your eyes by eating EGGS. Eggs also contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin that are found in the yolks that are essential in helping to protect your precious eyes.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin is an antioxidant that helps to reduce the risk of having a Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. So if you love your eyes so much don’t forget to Eat EGGS 

6.Eating EGGS is another way to Lose Body Fats

We all know that eggs produce carbohydrates that tend to create body fats, It is true that Eggs contains carbohydrates but in a greater side, Eggs Produces only trace amounts of carbs but more on Protein.

In several tests conducted by Scientists, Eating Eggs can cause a feeling of fullness that can effect to less food intake on calories for about 36 hours.

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