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drug tunnel passage found between san diego and mexico

Drug Tunnel Passage used for drug trafficking discovered in San Diego US

Longest cross-border Drug Tunnel Passage for drug trafficking discovered between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

It now being trending and viral today about the discussion about a divider between the United States and Mexico, the issue with country border security keeps on being as much subterranean as above. On Wednesday, authorities in San Diego declared the revelation of another cross-border Drug tunnel passage worked by drug dealers — the longest one found yet, at about a large portion of a mile.

They say the 800m (874 yards) passage was utilized to transport a “remarkable reserve” of cocaine and weed.

sophisticated drug tunnel carte from san diego to mexico found

Sophisticated drug tunnel carte from San Diego to Mexico found

The passage reaches out from an area close to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego to Tijuana’s Garita de Otay neighborhood, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said in an announcement. Photographs indicate rail tracks going through a lit passage encircled in wooden posts. A 2nd, unfinished passage likewise was found.

The 3ft wide passage had been found from a house in Tijuana, Mexico and was gain access by a lift covered up in a closet.

It was the thirteenth modern mystery Drug tunnel found along California’s border tunnel passage with Mexico since 2006.

However, a nearby authority portrayed it as “keen” and not at all like anything is seen some time recently.

It extended for a large portion of a mile and included electric lights, rail and ventilation frameworks.

“This is the biggest cocaine seizure ever connected with a passage,” Southern California District Attorney Laura Duffy said, and is the second “super passage” to be found as of this month,

“Apparently, one of these Drug tunnel passages was being utilized by a criminal association working in the condition of Sinaloa for sneaking drugs into the United States,” as per the announcement. The U.S. Office, the announcement said, gave “dependable data” that a cartel was reactivating the Drug tunnel passages.

One ton of cocaine and seven tons of weed were seized.

Drug Tunnel Passage Found between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.



Six individuals were captured in San Diego including one American, three Mexicans and two Cubans.

The Drug tunnel passages have not been known to be utilized for huge scale pirating of individuals, which would expand the quantity of individuals who could be gotten and uncover a passage’s area. Furthermore, regardless of fears brought up in Congress, specialists say there is no proof that the cartels are helping unwanted terrorists enter the nation.

Margarita Ontiveros, a worker at a lawful firm close to the passage exit, said the wooden crafting business began up about a year prior. She said: “They stacked and emptied a ton of wooden pallet.”

The zone amongst Tijuana and San Diego is a prominent spot for drug dealers to fabricate Drug tunnels because of the fact that the dirt like soil is moderately smooth and can be easily be dug with scoops and digging tools.

“I think it reasonable for say that few would speculate that traffickers were moving multi-ton amounts of cocaine and weeds in this exceptionally unassuming path, in full perspective of their general surroundings,” the paper cited Ms. Duffy as saying.

“It’s a rabbit hole,” she said of the most recent passage to be found.

The revelation of drug tunnel passages in the range is not new to them — in April a half-mile passage was found between the urban areas. Six individuals were captured and powers grabbed a huge amount of cocaine and more than seven tons of weed, said Laura Duffy, U.S. lawyer for the Southern District of California. The cocaine alone was esteemed at around $22 million.


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