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A Couple Hug | Reveal your partner’s personality the way he or she hugs you

Know your Partners True Personality Through Couple Hugs

Here are the Different types of Couple hug’s that can reveal a lot of your partner’s personality. Hugging is a natural form of physical love and intimacy to your partner. Couple Hugs will always be present and an important key factor for a good and effective relationship, through this hugs you can let your partner feel the sense of comfort,  security, showing that he or she is special besides you, and most especially your everlasting love for her.

A psychologist has conducted several studies showing and revealing individuals real personality the way they hug their partner. So to all the couples out there this simple tip can help you reveal your partners Personality and the way they show their longing love for you.


A Couple Hug | Reveal your partner's personality the way he or she hugs you

Here is the list of Different kinds of Couple Hugs that will Perfectly define your partner.

1.Your partners hand in your Pocket.

By this simple way, it implies that your partner is comfortable having beside you  and it shows the sense of safety in your relationship. He or she is quite relaxed because he or she see’s protection and comfort when your around.


2. A Genuine Connection when you look in each other while Hugging

By just looking directly into your partner’s eyes while you Hug him or her this means that you are trying to connect with his or her inner soul that can give and established a unique connection with each other. A connection that implies seriousness in the relationship.


3.Your Partner’s hand over your shoulder

This simple kind of hug or gesture when you put your shoulder into a person implies friendship to that person. It is a strong way to show your trust and appreciation to that person and also means a serious bond in your friendships. This kind of gesture is more likely for real friends.


4.Hugging a person while giving him or her a pat on his or her back.

This Kind of Gesture also shows a strong bond of friendship. A pat on the back while you hug that person shows camaraderie and not for intimacy. This kind of hug is applicable for friendships and not really for a sense of intimacy.


5.A Couple Hug that wrapping your arms into your partner’s waist.

This kind of couple hug is kinda sweet for real lovers that imply protection and confidence on your partner’s side. He or she is confident enough that he or she can give you a sense of security and comfort. This kind of hug is a sign that your lover is really serious about your relationships.


6.Your Partner rubs your back while he or she hugs you

This simply implies reassurance to someone special, this shows that everything would be fine and you are willing to open up for your problems and happy to seek and listen to advise.


7.A Couple Hug while Dancing

This is for Lovers who dance romanticly while hugging each other simply indicates real love and that both of you is falling romanticly to the hands of love. This kind of feeling makes you feel alive when both of you are together.


8. Your partner hugs you tightly

This kind of couple hug shows that you love your partner so much and you are afraid losing him or her. Hugging him or her so tightly means you don’t want to let go of your relationship.


9.Your partner or you get straddled

know your partners personality through this different types of couple hugs

This means there is a feel of sensuality. Both lovers giving a sense of passion and lust. This shows that both of you have a physical attraction at the same time in love with each other.


10. Keeping distance while you hug your partner

This kind of couple hug simply shows uncomfortable in the relationship. When you hug your partner in a certain distance that your lower body is away from your partner this means that you are unsure of your feelings with your partner.


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