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British banker accused of killing two prostitutes

British Banker accused of Merciless Murder of two Prostitutes in Hong Kong

It is now Viral  in all Social Media that a Psychopath British Banker who allegedly accused of torturing and brutally murdering two Prostitutes in Hong Kong.

British Banker accused of murder of two prostitutes

Mr. Ruric Jutting a 31 years old Psychopath British banker

Bad things can happen in every corner of the world. Anyone can think it’s a natural occurrence’s, however, it is not. It’s called human dominance over their ‘inner self’. You might be wondering, is inner self really exist? Does it really affect human consciousness to do the right thing?  But upon pondering over such thing, have you as well, consider or imagine yourself hearing voices inside your head telling you what to do?  Of course, it has. The good thing is you have the upper hand in controlling it.

You still are the sole decision maker to know your fate. Same thing in controlling how your mind works. When you notice you’re acting weird  or has tendencies to imagine things differently like butchering someone’s alive, then it’s time for you to seek help from professionals.

Just like what happened to the accused murderer and later pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his victims, Mr. Ruric Jutting a 31 years old British banker who lived in a high-rise studio room close to the Wan Chai party district. Last November 2014, news broke out of the horrible murder of two prostitute victims named, Ms. Ningsih (23 age) and Ms. Mujiasih (26 age). Both victims’ bodies were found in Mr. Jutting residence. They meet their demise in a similar way, tortured for several days and had their throats cut.

Mr. Ruric Jutting a British Banker who Brutally Killed two Prostitutes by Slitting their Throat

British banker accused of killing two prostitutes

Mr. Ruric Jutting accused of killing two Prostitutes

If you’re one of the investigation team and you’re working on this case, you’ll feel pity and ask in your head, how can humanly do this?  It was said, that Ms. Ningsih was found stuffed into a suitcase on suspect’s balcony, having been dead for up to a week. It is indeed horrible to discover body placed in a suitcase but what more terrifying is how she meet her demise. Mr. Reading, one of the prosecutors working in the case said, the victim suffered three days of torturing with the suspect using sex toys, belt and a pair of pliers as part of his foreplay’s. Still not contented with his torturing, he took the victim in his bathroom while the victim’s hands tied behind her back, the suspect forced her to kneel In front of the toilet bowl and made her lick it. Then later cut her throat with a serrated edge knife.

Ms. Mujiasih ‘ s death is no exception , the victim allegedly picks up by Mr. Jutting  in Wan Chai  and took her back to his  31st floor flat nearby. Before their arrival to his apartment, he made a gag out of rope, which later discovered by the victim. When she saw the gag, she confronted him and began to shout at the accused. Cornered, the accused grabbed the victim and pulled her to the floor then took one of the knives hidden under the cushions on his sofa and held her throat. He began to threaten her of cutting her throat if she continues to call out and struggle. The threat didn’t appease the victim and still continue with her struggling until the suspect loses his patience and cut her throat.

The victim did not immediately die, the accused was able to drag her into his shower and continued to lash on her throat until she was dead.

Five days later, the suspect called the police while hidden on his neighbor’s balcony, he admitted the crime and he said ‘special forces’ (not literally) were trying to arrest him.


two prostitutes victim of the psychopath british banker

Sumarti Ningsih and Jesse Lorena was tortured and killed by Mr. Ruric Jutting

It was then confirmed later that the suspect was under the influence of cocaine-fuelled paranoia.

Prosecutor Mr. John Reading said on one of his interviews, “This is a horrible case. Even for those used to dealing with such cases, it is still shocking. Most of the evidence is not a dispute. This is probably a unique case because so much evidence in the prosecution case comes from accused himself.”

One of the evidence filed against the accused is his own filmed video stored on his iPhone that showed him enjoying the killing of his victims. And his self-confessed portrayal of his crimes as merely a “hunting for prey“.

According to the Prosecutor Reading, during the trial, the Cambridge-educated jutting, of Chertsey, surrey and a former trader pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of the two prostitutes but he denied their death on the diminished responsibility, luckily the manslaughter plea was denied, the case would proceed to trial on the murder charges.

The case settled 2 years ago, the accused locked up in the prison with his crimes lingering on his mind, it showed in his slimmer body when you compared him to his bearded face and bloated body before he was arrested 2 years ago.

This is an example of people who can’t control their minds. It is how you will keep up with it. Know your inner self first and comprehend how to handle it. If you think you’re not capable of controlling it then it’s time for you to stand up before it’s too late. You don’t want to be another jutting who enjoyed his killing because his inner self told him so. Do you?


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