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11 Ridiculous banned’s that actually exist Around the World

Here are the Banned’s that you don’t know that actually exist.

This is the list of 11 things you won’t really believe that are actually banned in some areas around the world. Maybe some of your favorite games, activities, pets or hobbies are actually included on this list.

The sad thing about this list is that some lawmakers don’t really know the meaning of fun, all they know is to make ridiculous laws, well we can’t blame them to take away all the fun there must be a legal basis for creating this banned’s and laws in some Countries, For us their way of creating this banned’s takes away the freedom of people to have fun, to do the things we want to do. We’ll that is what law all about, OK funny or not lets now get through with this 11 things that actually banned around the world.

11. No to POKEMON GO

Todays Trending-Banned Pokemon GO

To become a Pokemon Master is now out or reach in some countries like Iran, they stated that Pokemon go is banned because of unspecified Security Concerns. Saudi Arabia banned Pokemon Go because the fatwa is anti-Pokemon. New York stated that they’ll ban sex offenders from accessing the game.

10. The Famous Letter tile game “Scrabble”

todays-trending-Banned Scrabble

Banned in Romania in the late ‘80s. Their late President Nicolae Ceausescu actually banned it because the game is being “Overly Intellectual” and also they called the game as “subversive evil“.

9. Sex Toys

todays-trending- Banned Sex toys
Instant Sexual pleasure using this kind of alternatives are actually banned and illegal in Alabama. With the act of Anti-Obscenity Enforcement outlaws the distribution of this objects that originally meant only for stimulating genitals.

8. Your Favorite Chocolate Milk Drink Ovaltine

todays-trending- Banned Ovaltine
banned the chocolate Drink because they are regulating the sale of vitamins and minerals. And that OVALTINE’s main ingredients are vitamin B and folate.

7.Even death is Banned

todays-trending-No Death banned around the world

Even death have the right to be banned, One of the villages in Italy actually created a law to ban death, This is because the village of Falciano del Massico in Italy has no cemetery and they just make in use the nearby town’s cemetery.

6.Your Favorite red condiment Ketchup is also included in the list.

todays-trending No Ketchup banned around the world
Ketchup is banned in French because it covers the flavor of their popular French cuisines. Only French fries are excepted.

5.Scrabble’s text tile’s X,W and Q – Banned

todays-trending-No Scrabble banned around the world
Banned in Turkey for 90 years, Their government wanted the Kurds to learn Turkish,these letters are commonly used by the Kurds for their Kurdish language, Because of this they additionally banned the Kurdish language at the same time banning the three letters.

4.EMO fashion and feels are Banned

Todays Trending-No Emo banned around the worldIt was banned in Russia, they began banning EMO in 2008 to avoid “dangerous teen trends” that encourages social withdrawal and hopelessness which is a key factor for Bad future leaders.

3.Having a Long Hair

todays-trending-No long hair banned around the world

Yes, you heard it. Having a long hair is actually banned in Pilgrims, This is because Pilgrim is defecting to go live with the Native Americans, and having a long hair is a sign of Indian influence.


todays-trending no frowning banned

Milan government wants all their citizens to always smile in public, that’s why they banned frowning in public places.

1.Small-Breasted Women in the porn industry

todays-trending small breast banned

Australia actually banned small-breasted women appearing in porn  because they might encourage Pedophilia.

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